New Star Trek Movie Delayed

The people that are responsible for making the upcoming Star Trek movie chose not to give the fans a valentine today. Instead, they gave them a good kick in the…teeth.

Paramount announced today that they would be delaying the release of the Star Trek movie from Christmas 2008 to May 8, 2009. Is it because of production problems? No. Is it because of the writers’ strike? Nope. Well then, it is because the studio is so concerned with ensuring the quality of the movie, that they chose not to rush things? Hardly. In fact, the production schedule will remain unchanged. The movie will be completed in the fall of 2008 as originally planned.

So why the delay? They want to make more money. They are delaying the release so that it would be released around the same time as other summer blockbusters like the new X-Men movie and the followup to The Da Vinci Code. Since more people go to the movies around this time of year, they are hoping that more people will be seeing the Star Trek movie. You can read all the sad details here.

New Star Trek Movie Delayed

Star Trek Break

This has been a really busy time for me. That’s why I haven’t posted in awhile. What’s been going on? I’ve been trying to sell our house in Illinois, close on the new house in Oklahoma, select a moving company, pack, and say goodbye to close friends. In the midst of all of this, I decided to take a break and watch an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series on the big screen at the local movie theater.

Last week, for two nights only, a remastered version of the two part episode, The Menagerie was shown at select movie theaters. It was part of a larger promotion that Paramount is doing to market the release of the remastered version of all of the original episodes. It appears that Paramount is borrowing a page from George Lucas’ playbook and cleaning up their old Star Trek episodes. George Lucas did the same thing with the first Star Wars trilogy a few years ago.

In this episode of Star Trek, and in all the other re-released episodes, the video is cleaned up, scratches in the film and other imperfections are removed, the theme music and background music was re-recorded, and all the special effects were redone.

I walked into the theater alone. For some reason, my wife did not want to join me. There were around 70 other people in the theater; most of them were men who were alone. If you can imagine the Saturday Night Live skit where William Shatner makes fun of the Star Trek fans, you would have a good idea of who was in the theater. Then I came to the sad realization…I’m one of them.

As I settled into my seat, I overheard one of the few women in the theater talking to the guy next to her.

“So is this a Star Trek movie we’re watching?” she asked.
“No, this is an episode from the original series.” he replied. He went on to explain how the footage from The Menagerie was really footage from the original pilot The Cage that was never shown on TV, but I digress.
“So we just paid $12.50 each to watch something that we could watch on TV for free???” she asked incredulously.

He stammered, “But this has been remastered, all the special effects have been redone, all the music has been re-recorded…”

Hmmm…all of a sudden I wasn’t too excited to see this episode. Oh well. At least it was free popcorn night.

Star Trek Break