If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter over the past few months, you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of pictures I’ve been posting to Facebook. It’s a reflection of how my love of photography has grown over time. What started out as just having fun and taking a few random photos has evolved into a part time business.

In December 2010, I started This is the name of my photography business. I also have a Facebook page that I update more regularly. My Facebook page is at

So how did a hobby turn into something more? I’ve always been interested in photography. Growing up, I would be the one in the family holding the camera and taking the pictures. Prior to last year, I only owned a point and shoot camera. Summer 2010 was a major turning point. It was at this time, my wife and I were travelling to Hawaii to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. My boss insisted I take his camera to take pictures. His camera is a Nikon D40. As soon as I started using this DSLR camera, I was hooked.

It was after that trip that I began to learn more on how to take pictures properly. My boss would always have his camera at the office and he would encourage me to take photos whenever we had a special event at church. As I continued to take pictures, the quality of my pictures started to improve.

In November 2010, I received one of the biggest surprises in my life. Craig Groeschel asked me to his family’s photos for Christmas. I was honored, excited, humbled, overwhelmed, and scared all at the same time. Thankful, I composed myself just long enough to be able to say, “Sure.”

Craig and Amy Groeschel

Since taking those photos for Craig, God has opened doors for me to take more photos and get better at it. There’s this one photo shoot that I’m doing this week that I’m particularly excited about. I’ll tell you more about that one tomorrow.

Do I have plans to do photography on a full-time basis? Not likely. As excited as I am about photography, that excitement pales in comparison to how excited I am to be serving at I love to watch God work in peoples’ lives and transform them. My plans are to serve at on a full-time and take pictures on a part-time basis.

So if you live in the OKC area and are in need of a photographer, I hope that you would consider me. I’d also appreciate it if you would check out more of my work at While you’re there, it would be awesome if you became a fan by liking my page.

More to come tomorrow…

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