Expanded Lobby and Auditorium Opens at the Edmond Campus

One of the largest LifeChurch.tv campuses just expanded their auditorium and lobby.  If you’ve visited the Edmond, Oklahoma campus you know that the old lobby was woefully inadequate.  It wasn’t really a lobby; more like a glorified hallway.  The Tech Team was responsible for installing sound speakers in the new auditorium sections, the lobby and outside of the building.  We also installed TVs and stage light fixtures  in the lobby.

Many people worked hard to make the new space look awesome.  Here are some of the pictures I took this past weekend.


















































Expanded Lobby and Auditorium Opens at the Edmond Campus

One Year in Oklahoma

Another anniversary that we just celebrated was the one year anniversary of our move from Illinois to Oklahoma.  It was this time last year that we packed up our belongings in a semi truck and moved to Oklahoma.  It’s been a challenging and rewarding year.

Some of the challenges that we have faced included ice storms, tornadoes, missing my family, and getting lost more often than I would like.

But for the most part the move has been good for us.  The people here in Oklahoma are very friendly.  The school system has been great for our kids.  Traffic is not bad here.  Because of a well laid out road system, I can get to anywhere I need to within 15 minutes.   Other than the occasional tornado, the weather is a lot nicer here than in Illinois.  The cost of living is lower here as well.

So even though, I miss my family, friends, and real deep dish pizza, the move has been a good one and I’m happy to be an Oklahoman.  But I don’t think I’ll ever understand my fellow Oklahomans’ obsession with college football.  

One Year in Oklahoma

I’m Back

Hi everyone.  From a blogging perspective, I’ve taken the entire month of November.  That’s not good.  I didn’t mean to.  I’m realizing that I need to make the time to blog.  Like so many things in life, it’s not going to happen on its own.  Thanks for sticking with me during this break.

There are a couple of anniversaries that have occurred over the past few days.  Over the next few days, I’ll writing about each of them.

Today, I’m writing about my one year anniversary with no TV.  At the end of November 2007, my wife and I made the decision to no longer have cable TV.   We don’t have an antenna either.   We still own a TV, but we just watch DVDs when we want to watch something.  I’ve also started watching Battlestar Galactica on Hulu.com.  So more accurately, we don’t watch live TV anymore.  I’ve noticed that since we’re not watching live TV any longer, our overall TV watching has greatly decreased.  Instead of watching 2-3 hours of TV a night, it is now 1-2 hours of TV a week.  My wife and I have used this extra time to spend with the kids, read, exercise or  just talk with each other.  It’s been awesome. 

So while I’ve never watched a episode of American Idol, Lost, 24, or Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t feel I’ve missed out.  On the contrary, I’ve gained so much more.

How about you?  How much TV do you watch?  Have you tried cutting back?

I’m Back