The Insane Week Begins

This week is going to be an insane week for me and my team. This week is the October Event. On an annual basis, the church brings in the entire staff and their spouses from all over the county for meetings, worship, and even a picnic. In addition to hearing from our senior pastor, we will also be hearing from Bill Hybels, senior pastor at Willow and Steven Furtick, senior pastor at Elevation Church. My team gets to make sure that all the audio, video, and lighting technology works for this event.

We begin the setup today as soon as the weekend experiences end and we won’t stop until Friday afternoon. I know that I’ll be working at least 75 hours this week. I’m sure some of my team members will be putting in more.

I’d appreciate your prayers for me and my team. You can pray that God would give us the energy, stamina, and patience we will need. You can also pray that we wouldn’t have any problems with the technology. We’re using some video projection technology that is new to us. Please pray that it would enhance and not distract.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

The Insane Week Begins

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