Multi-Site Production Round Table – Day 1

I’m in Carlsbad, CA attending the first ever Multi-Site Round Table discussion for church technical directors. This discussion is the brainchild of Dennis Choy, Technical and Production Pastor of North Coast Church, Jill Gille, Executive Production Manager of Willow Creek Church, and Daryl Cripe, Senior Director of Production for Grace Community Church.

I’m so glad that they chose to put this event together. Even before the event started, I was already realizing the benefits of this type of meeting. Before today’s first session, I had a quick bite to eat with Jeff VanderGiessen, the Production Technology Director at Mars Hill Church. He shared with me something that he does at his church that would really help at my church. Wow! I already had one great take away within 10 minutes of coming here.

We started off the session by discussing leadership issues, staff performance issues, and what was working well at our churches. It was also a great time to connect with my peers from 18 great churches all over the country. I’m excited about what God is going to do as we continue our discussion tomorrow.

Multi-Site Production Round Table – Day 1

3 thoughts on “Multi-Site Production Round Table – Day 1

  1. Sunny,
    Really enjoyed the hike with you on Pinnacle Peak. Where’s the photos?
    I forgot to tell you how great you looked! You obviously are in great shape these days. Most people find that walk daunting on their first time.
    I’m glad you are at It is a good place for you,
    Say hello to Jill Gille and Dennis Choy at the gathering.
    Stay in touch.

  2. 18 multi-site churches’ tech teams connecting in Carlsbad…

    Sunny Thomas ( reports from Carlsbad, CA about an inaugural meeting with tech-related directors from 18 great churches to talk about issues and solutions related to the technical production aspects of a worship experience:… attending th…

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