37 and counting

I few days ago, I celebrated my 37th birthday. I didn’t feel old until I started working at LifeChurch.tv a few months ago. It seems that most of the staff here is in there twenties. One person that I know of is only 18. 18??? I was in college when he was born. I’m trying not to dwell on this.

I got some nice gifts from the family. My wife gave me the third season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD, which I’m very excited to see. But I am more excited about the gifts God has given me. He has blessed me with a wonderful wife, three great kids, a nice house, good health, two reliable cars, a fantastic church, and a very exciting and supportive work environment and most important, my relationship with Him.

Thanks God for 37 years. You have been so good to me.

37 and counting

2 thoughts on “37 and counting

  1. Joe Walters says:

    it sounds like you and your family are doing great, I am excited to hear about
    your promotion. I knew the Chapel missed out on all of your tech knowledge when they let you get away. I think about you guys often and am glad to see your updates on the website. I just got into twitter so its great being able to see what you are doing between blog posts, (im a follower) I dig that you are a battlestar fan. I have been since the first season. Hope the whole family is doing well and say hi to alice from Sue.

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