Good Visit Home

On Memorial Day weekend, we took a very short trip to visit my family in Illinois. It was a great, but too short. It was interesting to see how things have changed in the six months since I moved to Oklahoma. My nephews and niece got bigger. One of them got really tall. Another one will be going away to college in a few months.

It was nice to see some things hadn’t changed. Interacting with the family felt so familiar and comfortable. It was as if I had never left. It was a great time and I was sad to leave after only three days.

Here are some of the highlights…









My sister made sure the deep dish pizza was waiting for me when I came in the door.  I miss that pizza.  No, I didn’t eat the whole thing.  I only had two pieces.  But in the three days I was there, I gained six pounds.











On Sunday, after church, we had a birthday party for my dad.  He turned 70 that day.









On the last night we were there, I went bowling with some of the family. I am a terrible bowler. I usually get one strike per game, but for whatever reason I was on a roll that night. This was my best game ever and a perfect way to end our trip. And by the way, that is not my nickname on the screen. One of my nephews was trying to be funny.


Good Visit Home

3 thoughts on “Good Visit Home

  1. It was good to see you and the fam. Also, why does everyone else have zero as their score? Looks like there may have been a little tampering with the scoring system.

  2. Hey Josh, it was good to see you as well. I took the picture before they had completed their final frame. Frankly, I didn’t care what their score was. I was too happy with mine. Also, as you know, bowling scoring systems are highly secured systems that cannot be hacked into. 🙂

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