What’s the GOC?

The GOC stands for Global Operations Center. Here at LifeChurch.tv, on Sunday mornings, we turn one of our conference rooms at our central offices into the GOC. At the GOC, our leaders gather at watch the experiences at many of our campuses. This is accomplished by using a device at each campus call a Slingbox. We connect a camera, like a Sony HandyCam to the Slingbox and then connect the Slingbox to our network. With this setup, we are able to watch what is going live at our campuses in New York, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

Utilizing the GOC allows us to save on travel costs. It also allows us to better support our campus teams. Our leaders are able to provide our campus pastors with immediate feedback as soon as the service (we call them experiences) ends.

Here’s what the GOC looked like on the first weekend we started it.












This past week, we’ve did a major upgrade on the GOC. I’ll post some pictures of it later today. It looks pretty cool.

What’s the GOC?

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