Pictures of the GOC 2.0

This past week, we did a major upgrade of the Global Operations Center (GOC). If you need more information on what the GOC is, just look at my previous post. With the new setup, we have the ability to simultaneously view the experiences at 10 of our campuses. Previously, we were only able to view 4-5 at one time. In addition, we are able to view the Internet Campus experience, the Attendance Management system which shows us real-time attendance data from all the campuses, and a global map web page that show us what part of the world people are logging in from to attend our Internet Campus experience. None of this would have been possible without the hard work a long time team member, Evan Hamilton. Here are the great pics…


This one is for all the Apple fans out there. You’ll be happy to know that much of the technology that is being utilized in the GOC is Mac based.


Pictures of the GOC 2.0

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