Visit to Granger Community Church

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana. Granger is a great church led by Mark Beeson. I spent some time getting to know Jason Powell, Director of IT and Adam Callendar, Director of Tech Arts. It was great to hear how they are using technology to spread the Gospel. I was especially excited to hear about their plans for utilizing technology as they launch additional campuses in the next couple of months. The church plans to not have any live elements at their new remote locations. The worship, the announcements, and the message will all be via video. I’m not aware of a lot of multi-site churches going with a video worship model so I’m very interested to see how it will work out for them.

I was also excited to see Granger’s giant video screen again. They use a Spyder Video Processor from Vista Systems that utilizes four projectors to create a giant 18 foot by 43 foot screen. Here are some pictures of it action. It’s pretty cool.
























Visit to Granger Community Church

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