Day 2 – WFX

In the morning, I went to sessions about stage lighting and room acoustics. Then it was time for Mark Beeson’s keynote session. Mark is the senior pastor of Granger Community Church. Mark’s talk gave me some things to think about:

  • Do I have clarity for what God has called me to?
  • Sometimes we forget what we’re (the church, my ministry) is really about.
  • Churches tend to stay locked in the way they were when they started the church. For example, if they started in 1986, they want to keep everything in the church like 1986.They resist adapting to the culture.
  • Our job (as tech people) is to make it easy for everyone to hear and accept the gospel. Can this be achieved without mics, speakers, and lighting? Yes, but it’s a lot easier if people can hear and see the pastor.

I ended the day by attending a breakout session with Brad Weston of Renewed Vision. This company makes worship lyric presentation software called ProPresenter. just completed updating all of our campuses to ProPresenter. It is working out really well for us. Renewed Vision also makes a software product, ProVideoPlayer, that stretches an video or computer image across multiple projectors or monitors. It’s a very cool product.

I’m looking forward to hearing Rex Miller speak at tomorrow’s keynote.

Day 2 – WFX

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