MinistryTECH – Day 2

 The morning keynote on the final day of MinistryTECH was given by my friend and Digerati Pastor of, Terry Storch. With his talk, he exhorted everyone to be an idiot. Here were his main points:

– Idiots embrace being idiots
– Idiots are comfortable in the uncomfortable
– Idiots expose their weaknesses

This was an important message that we tech folks needed to here. So often, we are comfortable in our knowledge and in trying to control everything. We want everyone to see our strengths, but we work hard to hide our weaknesses. We need to find a way to say “yes.” It appears that our default answer is always, “no.”

Terry listened to the Holy Spirit and changed his talk at the last minute. I’m glad he did.  This was the best talk of the conference. Terry, thank you for listening to God. You hit a home run.

Because of the facility tour we were giving in the evening, I was unable to attend the afternoon keynote. In review, I thought the organizers of the conference did a great job with everything. I had the opportunity to network with some really smart people. I also got to hear some amazing things that God is doing in churches around the country. I’m looking forward to MinistryTECH 2009.

MinistryTECH – Day 2

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