MinistryTECH – Day 1, Part 1

The day started off with a keynote from Tony Morgan, of NewSpring Church. He created quite a hullabaloo with his talk, Ten Reasons Why Techies Scare Me.

Techies scare him because we…

1) Assume everyone thinks like a techie
My thoughts…I’m guilty of assuming that everyone looks through the same lens that I do.

2) Don’t bend on standardization
My thoughts…Yep, I was guilty of this, but I’m learning to be more flexible.

3) Tend to hire the best geek rather than the best leader
My thoughts…Getting better at this.

4) Always want more staff
My thoughts…This is a tough one. What should we do if the workload continues to increase? No easy answers here.

5) Always want more money for new technology
My thoughts…Doing new things usually require more money. But we shouldn’t be just interested in getting the latest stuff because it’s cool.

6) Don’t document processes
My thoughts…I need to allow time for documentation as part of the overall project.

7) Implement technology solutions without considering the strategic systems
My thoughts….The key is to have good communication with the leadership.

8.) Implement technology solutions without communicating with the team
My thoughts…Getting better at this.

9) Focus on implementation without creating systems for training and support
My thoughts…Training and support, what’s that? 😉 I’m learning to surround myself with people who love to do that.

10) Let technology drive the ministry rather than letting ministry drive technology
My thoughts…Doing well here. I’m here to serve the ministries.

More to write, but out of time. More to come later.

MinistryTECH – Day 1, Part 1

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