MinistryTECH – Day 1, Part 2

Later, on Day 1 of MinistryTECH, I moderated a discussion about storage strategies. Thankfully, there was a lot of participation and there was little I had to do to keep the conversation going. I encouraged everyone in the session to state in their conference evaluation that this was the best breakout session that they attended. We’ll see what the results are.

The day ended with Jeff Hook, CEO of Fellowship Technology, giving a keynote talk on IT Strategy. There were a couple of key takeaways that I’ll share here.

– IT strategy should be a reflection of your church’s overall strategy.
– The business of the church is the people.
– IT strategy should be customer-centric. Your internal customers are the church staff and the external customers are the congregation.
– You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
– Jeff spoke about the Capability Maturity Model and adapted it to the church IT environment.
– He recommended that we do the following things:
    – Give yourself a promotion, i.e., start thinking like a CTO or a CIO
    – Engage in ministries; engage with users
    – Document requirements and processes
    – Begin to measure congregant engagement
    – Identify and report on congregation segmentation, i.e. what are the demographics of the church
    – Enhance congregant experience: Convenience/Security
    – Improve staff and volunteer efficiency and accountability
    – Develop self-service congregant/member applications
    – Outsource non-core competency items
    – Provide “IT” ministry services

If you would like a copy of the Jeff’s presentation, you can download it here. Tomorrow or maybe later today, I’ll blog about Day 2 of MinistryTECH, which includes Terry Storch’s talk.

MinistryTECH – Day 1, Part 2

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