Thank God for Twitter

A few weeks ago, I began using Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it is another online social networking application. Like Facebook, you can follow people and receive their updates. What’s distinct about Twitter is the updates you send to your friends are limited to 140 characters. No pictures, no invitations to become a pirate or ninja. Instead, you get is some very brief updates on what your friends are doing.

When I started using Twitter, I never envisioned I’d use it the way I did a few hours ago. Last night, there was a tornado that passed less than a mile from my house. We had lost power and I had no idea if the tornado was headed in my direction. I was able to get on Twitter on my cell phone and get updates from my friend Anne. You can read more about this great story over at her blog:

Were the developers of Twitter thinking of this type of situation when they created this tool? I don’t know, but I think we are going to see more stories like this one. To follow my Twitter updates, you can go to

Thank God for Twitter

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