Gets New HD Cameras

This week, my church deployed new Panasonic 3500 HD cameras. The pictures are below. If you look closely at the serial number, you’ll notice that it says 0002. Yep, that’s right. This is the first install of these cameras anywhere in the world. 0001 is back in their lab in Japan. And yes, the video from the cameras look awesome.


cam2.jpg Gets New HD Cameras

6 thoughts on “ Gets New HD Cameras

  1. I’m kind of a tech nerd so this stuff is pretty cool to read about. I used to be on staff at a church Austin Texas, First Evangelical Free Church, and we were just getting into all of the video and IMAG stuff as I was leaving. I still think it’s cool stuff.

  2. I am a big fan of you videos as so is my youth group. I was wondering what cameras you use in the youth ministry? I have noticed that they are usually remote cameras, not the fixed position type pictured above.

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