Trip to the Fort Worth Campus


This past weekend, I took my second trip to our campus in Fort Worth. I was there in December to help with their transition from meeting in a school to meeting in a permanent facility. That launch went well and now we’re back to make some enhancements.

This weekend, we ran more network cables in the auditorium to support some new devices we’re deploying. One device hooks up to a camera and allows our leadership back at the central offices to view the weekend experiences live. The device we use is called Slingbox. When this gets fully deployed at all of our campuses, it will cut down on the number of on-site visits the leadership team will need to make. It’s pretty cool.

The other device we are deploying is a hard drive that stores a video of the weekend message. This is a replacement of current hard drive that is no longer manufactured. If the satellite feed was to go down, the remote campus and play the message from this hard drive as a backup.

This is what I love; using technology to make The Church more effective at presenting the Gospel. Very cool stuff!



Trip to the Fort Worth Campus

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