Second Trip on Southwest

Recently, I took my second flight on Southwest Airlines. You can read about my first trip here. This one seems more like the type of flights that Southwest are known for. On this flight, the flight attendants were pretty jovial. During their opening spiel about how to fasten your seat belts, they joked that if our Southwest flight suddenly turns into a Southwest cruise, you can use your seat as a floatation device.

What I was really pleased with was that our flight arrived at our destination 20 minutes early. Not just landing early, but at the gate 20 minutes early. Most airlines are not known for being punctual. I’m usually happy if the flight is only 10 minutes late. The flight attendant made note of our early arrival and asked everyone to tell their friends about it. She joked that if we were late, we would tell our friends, so make sure to let them know when we’re early too. She had a point. So, take Southwest. I continue to be a fan.

Second Trip on Southwest

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