New Star Trek Movie Delayed

The people that are responsible for making the upcoming Star Trek movie chose not to give the fans a valentine today. Instead, they gave them a good kick in the…teeth.

Paramount announced today that they would be delaying the release of the Star Trek movie from Christmas 2008 to May 8, 2009. Is it because of production problems? No. Is it because of the writers’ strike? Nope. Well then, it is because the studio is so concerned with ensuring the quality of the movie, that they chose not to rush things? Hardly. In fact, the production schedule will remain unchanged. The movie will be completed in the fall of 2008 as originally planned.

So why the delay? They want to make more money. They are delaying the release so that it would be released around the same time as other summer blockbusters like the new X-Men movie and the followup to The Da Vinci Code. Since more people go to the movies around this time of year, they are hoping that more people will be seeing the Star Trek movie. You can read all the sad details here.

New Star Trek Movie Delayed

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