What’s God Teaching You?

This is a question that I always ask when I’m interviewing a potential employee. I usually ask it towards the end of an interview. After spending an hour asking so many technical questions and questions about their work habits, I usually throw them for a loop by asking questions like this.

Last week, when I was asking this question, I was surprised to hear the same response from everyone. I was also surprised because God is teaching me the very same thing. I’ll be writing about it in a few days, but before then, I’d love to hear from you.

What is God teaching you?

What’s God Teaching You?

3 thoughts on “What’s God Teaching You?

  1. libbymyrin says:

    I could give you a long, long list of all that He’s showing me! 🙂 Some might include thinking eternally instead of worldly, be still and let Him work, what is getting in the way of fully serving Him.

  2. G-D has been teaching me to have more patience, when going through storms. He has also let me know that no matter what he is always here for me. So many different things..most of all Slow Down! I have your back, You cannot do this alone. I am standing still for the first time in along time.

    Wow So much more to learn!

    Ne Miryam

  3. T says:

    What is God teaching me? Slow down and enjoy life. Or – to put it another way – to be happy with the life I have and stop the “grass is greener” complex.


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