To Capitalize or not to capitalize

I’m noticing all the cool bloggers never capitalize anything. Are their shift keys broken on their keyboards? Are they all fans of e.e. cummings? Something just looks weird when i type “i” all by itself. I don’t know if i can force myself to do it.

What about you? Do you capitalize? Why or why not?

To Capitalize or not to capitalize

5 thoughts on “To Capitalize or not to capitalize

  1. not sure if you check the comments religiously on flowerdust, so here’s my answer to your question:

    Sunny » interesting … i made a conscious decision on my blog to go lower case (except proper names) as an experiment to see if the “i vs God” system would be a constant reminder that God is bigger and needs to stay that way in my life.

    it helps, but the experiment is still in progress …

  2. jimmy paravane says:

    what chad wright said. they put the shift key on the keyboard for a reason. so I could the () around my grin. it just looks so barren without em.(grin)

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