Customer Service Experiences Needed

Hi everyone. I need your help. I’m giving a presentation next week on customer service and would love to share examples from you on good and bad customer service experiences. What was a memorable customer service experience that you had recently? What made it memorable? How was the conversation you had with the cable company? How was it interacting with people at the DMV? Did you have a good experience getting your car’s oil change? What could have been done differently to make it a good experience? You get the idea.

I’d love to hear from you soon. Comment away…

Customer Service Experiences Needed

6 thoughts on “Customer Service Experiences Needed

  1. Jen_J. says:

    Hey, Sunny.

    I think I’ve had plenty of customer service experience, both good and bad. I suppose my rating of the service will always come down to the following:

    *Listening/my being heard

    The DMV experience is a great example. It used to be a ridiculous waiting game at their office, but it’s improved in the last couple of years. (Although, as a good driver, I can now process renewal online. That’s the BEST kind of service!) It’s timely, and I’m in control. As long as they respond quickly through the online process, I’m really happy.

    I can live with the “blips” in life, but I have a lot better time with them when the communication is strong and the apologies are in place (when appropriate).

    Doubt that’s helpful, but…

    Have a good day!


  2. Jessica Becker says:

    Hey Sunny,

    I have worked in some form of customer service/HR since I can remember. So here are some of my favorite and not so favorite experiences:

    DMV: went this past June to renew in person…AWESOME experience. There was clear signage so I knew where to go. Tons of windows open so hardly a wait. The woman who waited on me knew what she was doing and did it with a smile!

    GROCERY STORE (dominicks): Needed to buy a poblano pepper, no idea which pepper was the right one. Only employee I could find was in the seafood dept. I asked him the question and he went to the prod. dept with me and proceded to give me the run down on all the peppers and which ones would work well in the dish I was making…He was awesome!

    LAYTON ATHLETIC CENTER: A gym for kids 1-17 yrs old. I went to sign my kids up for a month and was basically just told prices and handed a sheet of paper listing what was included. I only found out a week and a half later that I didn’t have to stay when they went. Would have been a nice thing to know. It would have been nice to be asked if I had any questions after I read over the listing of what was included. It didn’t occur to me that I could leave them as it is not a structured activity time.

    I could go on and on…but I’ll leave you with this last one:

    CHILI’S: We go rather often with the kids because it’s close to home and we all like it but some nights I wonder why. We often have to flag the server over to refil drinks and we often have to mention that they take plates and empty glasses away. It’s the little things that make a HUGE difference in our night and in their tip. There is a waitress that is AMAZING and you know what she does…she refills our drinks, acknowleges our kids and takes away empty glasses and plates. Over Christmas vacation she actually got a 50% tip.

    Please give my love to Alice. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.


  3. Shuby says:

    Hey Sunnychan,

    My most recent CS was when I was looking for a local dentist. I didn’t go for sometime bc I had a really bad experience – wisdom tooth extraction. I narrowed it down to 2 choses. Then I called them. Both places I told them my concerns & that I was “deathly” afraid of dentists.

    Now one place, which was highly reffered to me seemed tooo busy to answer my questions & concerns. So if I felt rushed on the phone imagine my actual visit.

    The other place however, answered all my questions; gave me their website for more info bout the procedure; & really showed geniune concern bout my fear which put me at ease. So I chose them even though they were more expensive.

    When I went for my initial visit, they gave me a detailed tour of the place & answered more questions that came up. At the end, they gave me a flower which made me smile:) ok I’m a girl… lol. After the procedure, the dentist followed up with a phone call to see if i was feeling any pain which i wasn’t. Two thumbs up.

    As a patient, a doctor’s bedside manner is very important to me. I need to feel comfortable & confident of the physicans that care for me & my family. Hope this helps. God bless.

  4. Michelle says:

    Satellite TV company:

    Over the holidays we had a very gusty day that resulted in our satellite dish getting disconnected and lying flat on the roof. Beau contacted customer service to schedule a service call. The time he scheduled for a Friday did not work out for me to be home so on Thursday I called to change the appointment to Monday. After 10 minutes or so of navigating a computer menu system, I finally spoke with a customer service PERSON that had a very strong middle-eastern/Indian accent. I requested a new appointment time for Monday and he said it was taken care of.

    Friday morning – guess who shows up to my house for our cancelled appointment as I am pulling out of the driveway! So, I send the repairman away explaining that this appointment was rescheduled for Monday. Over the weekend, we contemplate whether the appointment change actually ever took place. Will they show up on Monday? Should we call again to make sure?

    Then Sunday afternoon the company CALLED US to ask if we would like to reschedule the appointment that WE missed on Friday! So, clearly the person rescheduling us the first time did not know what they were doing or a language barrier prevented him from understanding my request.

    Beau’s theory is to always ask for the name of the person you speak to on the phone. They will feel much more accountable for following through. I always forget to ask.

  5. Michelle says:

    One more comment…

    We have a great mechanic and receive great customer service from him. It is a very small shop that is run by the owner. He is a great guy and knows us and our cars very well. He is not the most speedy when it comes to service – because he only has room for 2 or 3 cars inside the garage at a time. He doesn’t even really schedule appointment times. We just call ahead and ask him if we can bring it in. We consider all of these things minor inconveniences because what we get in the trade is worth it:

    * Honest assessments of the problem and the level of urgency of the repair

    * Accurate estimates when repairs take place

    * A clear understanding of our goal – to get our cars to run forever with as little financial investment as possible

    * Desire to serve us in ways consistent with our goals

    * Friendly and familiar – a high level of trust has been established by doing business with the same person for an extended period of time

    I hope he stays in business as long as we live here and can still drive a car!

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