More About the South Tulsa Campus Launch

It was a lot of fun helping out last weekend with the launch of the 13th campus. Moving carts and plugging in things brought back some fond memories. It reminded me of the setup that we had to do at my previous church. That church was a portable church for 10 years. While some things were the same between the two setup experiences, some things were very different. The excitement and the camaraderie between the volunteers were similar. But the amount of volunteers and technology used were far greater at LifeChurch. The South Tulsa Campus team was able to mobilize over 200 volunteers to help with the setup. The pictures below will give you a sense of how much technology is used for the weekend experience.

While it was fun to reminisce about the past, the most fulfilling part of the weekend was seeing people raising their hands at the end of the message. Those hands being raised signified people committing their lives to God. That’s what all the setup and technology is for…changed lives!

STO Launch Pic 1

STO Launch Pic 2

STO Launch 3

STO Launch 4

More About the South Tulsa Campus Launch

One thought on “More About the South Tulsa Campus Launch

  1. byersfamily says:

    Thanks for this update – I love seeing what South Tulsa will look like and am eager to see all our prayers answered that it launches well.

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