Exciting Times at LifeChurch.tv

There have been a lot of neat things going on at my church since I started six weeks ago. In December, the Fort Worth campus moved from the school they were meeting in to their permanent facility. It’s a great location that’s near a major highway. Their previous location was hidden in a housing development. Since the move, the attendance at the campus has grown quite a bit. The Fort Worth campus is the largest campus outside of Oklahoma.

South Tulsa Campus Sign

This past weekend, I was in Tulsa to help with the launch of the second Tulsa area campus. The original Tulsa campus was bursting at the seams with 3000 people on the weekend. So, a second campus was launched out of that. Several hundred are now meeting at a school in Bixby, a suburb south of Tulsa. It was neat to see a school transformed into a church. It brought back fond memories. More on that tomorrow.

And also this week, I just learned about a family from here in Oklahoma who felt God was calling them to establish a LifeChurch presence in England. So without any financial assistance from the church, they picked up their family and moved to London. You can read more about their story here.

As you can see, God’s doing some really cool things here. It’s an honor to be a part of it.

Exciting Times at LifeChurch.tv

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