Moving Day – Part 2

Six hours later and the movers are gone. They filled up half of a semi trailer with our stuff. Hopefully, we’ll see it again in a few days. I took some cool pictures, but I can’t upload them yet. I can’t find my camera cable. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying stuff like that for the next few months.While the movers were here, my wife took the kids to the grandparents. So, here I am, alone, in an empty house. I’m walking around here and getting pretty nostalgic. There are six years worth of memories here. This has been the longest that we’ve lived in one house. It’s the only house my youngest has known.

Why am I getting so sad about this? It’s just a house, right? I don’t know. It seems more than just a place where I eat and sleep. It’s the place where first steps were taken, the place where the kids returned from first days at school, the place where my daughter had her first seizure and where God eventually healed her from them. It’s the place where we played board games as a family and made dinners together as a family. It’s where my wife and I talked and talked and became closer friends.

I’ll be more excited in a few days when we close on the new house, start unpacking, and start my new job. But for now, I’m just little sad.

Moving Day – Part 2

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