Flying on 9/11…2007

My preference was not to fly on this day, but the way that my meetings were scheduled, I wasn’t able to leave any earlier. Plus, it seems that American Airlines really wanted me to fly on Tuesday, 9/11. If I left on Monday, my flight would have cost $400 more. So, since I really didn’t have a choice, I decided I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. I would just look at it as another day.

My first mistake was watching FOX News that morning in the hotel’s exercise room. FOX decided to show video footage from that terrible day six years ago. They showed the events as they unfolded back in 2001. I suppose I could have changed the channel. But it was important to see what happened that day. We should never forget.

As I was driving to the airport, I realized this wasn’t going to be just another day. This was the six year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in our history. It was also the first time the anniversary was on a Tuesday, like it was in 2001. To make matters worse, Bin Laden had just released another video message a few days earlier. I had a feeling that people at the airport would be would be on edge.

When I got to the airport, I was surprised by how normal everything seemed. It appeared the passengers in the terminals were relaxed. I didn’t notice an increased police presence. The only thing that seems unusual was the time that the TSA screeners were taking examining the luggage. I thought to myself, “Take all the time you need.”

The actual flight was fine. There was no acknowledgement from the flight crew that this was 9/11. That was probably a good thing. Everyone knew it was 9/11. Why bring it up on the plane?

At the end of my flight, I reflected on the events of the day. It turned out to just be another normal day, which I’m very thankful for. It also shows resiliency of this country. What happened six years ago should never be forgotten. But we cannot live in fear of the terrorists either. They hurt us, but they did not destroy us.

Flying on 9/11…2007

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