My first flight on Southwest

I finally took my first flight on Southwest Airlines last week. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Southwest. They try to keep things simple, like straight forward fare structures, using the same type of planes (Boeing 737s) throughout the system, and no pre-assigned seats. This approach as worked very well for them. They seem to be the only airline making money lately.

I also heard about how the flight crews make the flight a fun experience for their passengers. I’ve heard stories about how the flight attendants sing and play musical instruments in the aisles or how the pilots crack jokes and make witty comments over the PA system.So after hearing these stories for years, I was really looking forward to the start of my vacation and our flight from Chicago to Orlando. I was hoping to experience something dramatically different from the flights that I have taken on other airlines. I’m sad to report that other than, not having an assigned seat, there was no difference with the experience. No singing, dancing, or joke telling.

Southwest did deliver on the essentials. The flight attendants were pleasant and courteous. The flights were on time or ahead of schedule. Our luggage did not get lost or delayed. And the price of the tickets was fantastic. So, I should be probably satisfied with Southwest and I am. I just was hoping for a little more fun.

My first flight on Southwest

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